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A family of dinner tables, tea table and gueridon small tables, Cupertino animates the dialogue that the oak of the tops, lacquered or natural, establishes with the raffia that wraps around the legs as well as with the metals of the tips. In the different versions, with an elliptical or a round beveled top – there is a strong variability in size, but also in personality. Similar to elegant shoes to choose for the evening, the metal tips are available in all DOM Edizioni metal finishes: from sharp and floating chrome to the roughest bronze, passing through the gloss or satin brass.

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Cupertino dinner table is available with round, elliptic, squared or rectangular top.

Available measures:

Round top: ø cm.130x75H

Round top: ø cm.130x75H

Round top: ø cm.150x75H

Round top: ø cm.160x75H

Elliptical top: cm.180x100x75H

Elliptical top: cm.200x100x75H

Elliptical top: cm.220x100x75H

Elliptical top: cm.220x120x75H

Elliptical top: cm.240x120x75H

Elliptical top: cm.260x120x75H

Elliptical top: cm.220x130x75H

Elliptical top: cm.240x130x75H

Elliptical top: cm.260x130x75H

Elliptical top: cm.280x130x75H

Elliptical top: cm.220x140x75H

Elliptical top: cm.240x140x75H

Elliptical top: cm.260x140x75H

Elliptical top: cm.280x140x75H

Elliptical top: cm.240x150x75H

Elliptical top: cm.260x150x75H

Elliptical top: cm.280x150x75H

Elliptical top: cm.240x160x75H

Elliptical top: cm.260x160x75H

Elliptical top: cm.280x160x75H

Squared top: cm.160x160x75H

Squared top: cm.140x140x75H

Squared top: cm.150x150x75H

Squared top: cm.160x160x75H

Rectangular top: cm.180x90x75H

Rectangular top: cm.200x90x75H

Rectangular top: cm.220x90x75H

Rectangular top: cm.200x100x75H

Rectangular top: cm.220x100x75H

Rectangular top: cm.240x100x75H

Rectangular top: cm.260x100x75H

Rectangular top: cm.280x100x75H

Rectangular top: cm.220x120x75H

Rectangular top: cm.240x120x75H

Rectangular top: cm.260x120x75H

Rectangular top: cm.280x120x75H

Rectangular top: cm.220x130x75H

Rectangular top: cm.240x130x75H

Rectangular top: cm.260x130x75H

Rectangular top: cm.280x130x75H

Rectangular top: cm.240x140x75H

Rectangular top: cm.260x140x75H

Rectangular top: cm.280x140x75H

Materials / Finishes

Riviera natural oak top. Also available mat or gloss lacquered in a wide color range.

Raffia legs. Metal tips available in different metal finishes.


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